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05. Conveyancing

What is Conveyancing?

'Conveyancing' is the term associated with all legal and administrative work required when buying or selling a property and transferring property, land or buildings ownership from one person to another. Before any change in ownership of any property can take place, there are many legal requirements that need to be met first.


It is said that buying and selling a property is often considered to be one of the high stress points in life, with a process that can often take time, be frustrating and sometimes often complicated.

Our conveyancing team of legal professionals are passionate about helping you and will handle all the stress and anxiety of buying or selling a property and will ensure your transactions run as smoothly as possible. You will receive a prompt, polite and reliable service, at all times. Be rest assured you will be in good hands.


With our fixed fee structure you know what all the costs are beforehand, so you do not have to worry about any potential escalating costs. The price you are given, is the price you pay.

Conveyancing Can Include Any Or All Of  The Following Services

We have experience in all matters of conveyancing, including:



  • Residential Purchase: Freehold, Leasehold and Shared Ownerships

  • Residential Sale: Freehold, Leasehold and Shared Ownerships

  • Remortgages

  • Transfer of Equity

  • New Build Property

  • Lease Extensions

  • Help To Buy

  • Auctions Purchase and Sales

  • Property Title Investigation

  • Land Registry Form Review

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax Preparation and Payment

  • Registration of Property with Land Registry

Conveyancing Fixed Price 
no matter what the value of your property.

Years  of Accumulated Practice

Request a Call Back

If you are looking to buy, sell or lease a property, it is really important for your peace of mind to have a legal professional work for you. Especially if you are new to buying or selling a property, we will work in your best interests at all times.  It can be a legal mind-field when buying or selling residential properties. As this will involve everything including land ownership, rights of way, stamp duty, land registry and more.


Getting the right legal advice, help and support, will ensure your transactions go as smoothly as possible. We will handle all of the legal requirements for your house purchase or sale, thus, helping to alleviate any undue stress and anxiety for you. 

Contact us now and we will help you!

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