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Introducing our law firm

Family & Housing Law, Wills & Letter Drafting Paralegals,

Introducing Our Firm

Carpe Diem is an independent paralegal law firm based in Canterbury, Kent. We specialise in Family Law, Employment Law, Will and Legal letter drafting, as well as Probate and Housing Law. Born out of the vision of professionals, we founded Carpe Diem paralegals with the aim to help our clients face and resolve all legal problems. We assist with will drafting, legal letters drafting of any nature, employment and family law, as well as landlord, tenant and neighbour's disputes.

Our team of experienced paralegals are qualified to provide personalised support and consultancy to each client depending on their case and needs in the fastest, most efficient and most convenient way possible. We are here to support you in all legal matters, such as family or housing law regarding landlord and tenant disputes and provide will or legal letters drafting assistance and advice.  We offer our services in our offices in Canterbury, Kent, but also online.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction by offering timely and high-quality legal assistance and consultancy service. Our paralegal firm has developed specific skills in areas such as family law, will and legal letters drafting, divorce, children matter, employment law, lasting of attorney and housing matters such as landlord, tenant and neighbour's disputes in Canterbury, Kent, as well as online.​

Our Business Sectors


Family Law

At Carpe Diem Paralegals our family law and divorce paralegals are here to advise and comfort you through a difficult time. This can be achieved with clarity and honesty at the most emotionally and challenging time.

You need assistance from a paralegal who understands your needs but does not try to lead you into a false sense of security with legal jargon.

The last thing you need is to be unnecesarily overcharged. Our professional team is transparent in their charging.


Employment Law

As most of one’s life is spent in the workplace, things going wrong with your employer can prove to be a traumatic experience and an incredibly anxious time.

Our Employment Law team at Carpe Diem Paralegals can guide you through your employment rights. We can also offer effective legal letter drafting service and advice if necessary in your case against your employer. If you wish, you can also contact us online and find out more information about our service.



70% of adults have not drafted a will regarding their assets. Without a will drafted, your family home and assets may not be distributed according to your wishes. If a person dies without a will, then they are considered to have died intestate.

Our Will drafting team at Carpe Diem Paralegals, will guide you and assist you through your difficult time. You’re also more than welcome to seek online advice as well.



Disputes between landlords and their tenants are not uncommon and are on the increase. If you are a landlord and have tried to resolve a dispute directly with your tenant and failed, now is the time to seek legal advice and assistance.

Contact our experienced Housing Law team at Carpe Diem Paralegals in today. You can also contact us online.

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

We’re Here to Help

Carpe Diem paralegals are known for their professionalism, flexibility and competence in matters of inheritance law such as inheritance and will drafting assistance. Our company also offers professional services on legal letters drafting and advice on family law or landlord and tenant dispute advice, as part of our Probate and Housing Law services. We understand how challenging a will drafting can be, a divorce procedure or a dispute with your landlord or tenant. We have the organisational and professional skills to help you through legal processes that can be challenging and require experienced legal support.

Whether it’s will drafting assistance, divorce and child support or custody, legal letter drafting or neighbour's, landlord and tenant resolution legal support, we have the experience to help you with the process. We also provide support for challenging employment law matters. We’re here to listen; we’re here to help.

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