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The Law Firm

 Founded in 2019

Carpe Diem Paralegals is an independent firm based in Canterbury, Kent specialising in Family Law, Employment Law, Will and legal letter drafting and Probate and Housing Law.


Born out of the vision of professionals, we found Carpe Diem Paralegals to help clients face and resolve all legal problems.

We support and seek customer satisfaction by offering timely and high-quality legal assistance and consultancy service. The firm has developed specific skills in family law, divorce and children matter, employment law, lasting power of attorney, Will drafting and housing matter.

At Carpe Diem Paralegals, the flexibility and competence of a streamlined reality are combined with the organisation and experiences of our members: this guarantees a personalised consultancy service for each type of client.

Carpe Diem Paralegals Law Firm

Our Vision

Ours is a job that requires experience, professionalism, and continuous updating of knowledge. We are convinced that excellence can be achieved chiefly through specialisation in specific areas, especially in a moment such as this of economic crisis.
Throughout the years, we have acquired a significant amount of experience, specifically in all the sectors of Family Law.

Our secret to success lies in our commitment and passion, which we utilise daily in our business, and which is driven by a strong sense of duty.

We believe this is the only way to guarantee quality in the shortest possible time. Mastering the art of dialogue has set us apart, along with our ability to communicate effectively with clients and counterparties, giving all involved the attention necessary.

Quality, timeliness and precision are the values that have always characterized our work, mirroring the harmony found in an orchestra, where the contribution of each individual is essential. These values drive our continual research to find solutions which can reconcile the different interests involved.

Maria Elena

Founder of Carpe Diem Paralegals

Maria E Final.jpg

Maria Elena graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a Law degree and an LLM LPC in 2021 at The University of Law. Alongside her studies, Maria Elena has worked in various law firms in and around Kent and brings a wealth of experience in conveyancing matters.

With 5 years of experience in the legal field and as the founder of Carpe Diem Paralegals, she ensures the team work closely together to offer a streamlined service to all our clients.

Maria Elena is an Advance Paralegal Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and is. training to qualify as a Legal Executive and a Fellow Member of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals.

She specialises in conveyancing and family law and the preparation of legal documents. Her expertise also includes legal research and contract drafting. Maria Elena also speaks French and Italian and has some basic knowledge of Spanish.

Our Founder

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

Value 01.


We believe that the essential elements at the basis of a fruitful relationship between paralegal and client are trust, transparency and continuous dialogue.

In each case, we pay particular attention to the preliminary examination of the matter in order to propose a "tailor-made" solution for the specific case. For this reason, from the outset, we discuss with the customer and involve him in choosing the most appropriate strategy to satisfy his true interests in the affair.

We present to our clients the possible and realistic developments and evaluate with them the most appropriate paths to take.

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