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03. Wills


The 70% of adults do not have a will and without one the family home and assets may not be distributed according to your wishes.

Our specialist wills can help safeguard your interests in the knowledge that your estate is taken care of when you pass away.

If a person dies without a will then they are considered to have died intestate and the estate will pass under the Intestacy Rules.


We deal with


  • Drafting simple will

  • Power of Attorney

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Many seem unaware that without making a will, your estate (which includes everything you own at the time of your death) will NOT automatically go to your spouse, partner or the person you intend to inherit and could leave them vulnerable.

Carpe Diem is able to help you make your Will to help decide who should receive your money, property and special belongings when you die and perhaps even bring security to those you leave behind.

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